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Coaching Services


Coaching is an exciting addition to the services customarily labeled as "counseling". Coaching is generally provided one-on-one and is optimal for those who are trying to sort out a specific set of career, life or leadership issues or master one or more goals and are not primarily grappling with symptoms of emotional illness. (However sometimes these occur together and a judicious combined approach is most useful.)

Coaching Services are offered to those who are trying to sort out a specific set of career, life or leadership issues or master one or more goals and are not primarily grappling with symptoms of psychological illness. However, sometimes psychological distress related to these does contribute to symptomatic emotional illness , e.g. depression or anxiety, and a dual approach is most useful. If it is felt that you might benefit from both, in my capacity as your coach, I am happy to make a referral to a qualified mental health therapist. Coaching should never be confused with the clinical field of mental health which undertakes the assessment and treatment of illness.

A clinical diagnosis is neither sought nor made when one is in a coaching program. As one is not seeking help with an "illness", coaching services are generally not eligible for coverage under health insurance policies.

However, a variety of organizations have found it is in their best interest to assist their key employees by funding - in part or fully - their coaching program. If you're considering a coaching program, you may want to inquire with your organization to see if such benefits might be made available.

Coaching sessions are offered both in-person as well as through distance coaching via phone conferencing. While it's optimal to have at least one "in person" meeting, such is not absolutely necessary. On occasion, it may be suggested that an extended initial evaluation be scheduled in which both the coaching client and spouse attend so that the full gamut of issues and goals can be best identified.

As coaching is seen as very "issue-specific" and "goal-oriented", sessions are provided in a time-limited fashion - customarily weekly or every other week for 3-6 months. Occasionally more intensive coaching sessions may be recommended, for example when one is soon to take on a new position or one has impending career transition issues.

A variety of coaching "packages" are available, differing predominantly in the number and frequency of sessions sought.

Please visit my scheduling website - link below - which provides the current array of programs and special offers:

Particular areas of expertise that I offer coaching clients (most of whom are professionals in intense "people service" type industries like health care; law; ministry; teaching; law enforcement ...):

  • Career Re-crafting / Transition - utilizing the "Four Quadrant Model" of Job / Career Transition.
  • Reversing Burnout - understanding, reversing and preventing burnout.
  • Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Communication styles.

Here's a link to the coaching programs I currently offer: