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About Dr. Manion


Dr, Manion is no stranger to the world of healthcare, having witnessed its rapid evolution over the span of his career.  And he’s no stranger to burnout. In fact, that’s specifically why he went into coaching and consulting in healthcare.  Because of his diverse clinical experience along with his background as a clinical psychiatrist, he’s able to bring a wealth of skill, wisdom and focus to his coaching practice.

Dr. Manion completed his three-year residency training in Adult Psychiatry at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston in 1983.  His undergraduate studies were completed at St. Joseph Seminary College in Louisiana, graduating with a B.A. in Philosophy and minors in English and History.  He attended LSU Medical School in New Orleans where he received his M.D. in 1978.  Dr. Manion completed an Internal Medicine internship in Denver and subsequently worked as an ER physician for a year prior to choosing to specialize in adult psychiatry. 

Board-certified in adult psychiatry with over twenty five years of practice in a wide diversity of clinical settings, Dr. Manion has been on the active medical staff of multiple Boston area hospitals, including serving on the staff of a medical rehabilitation hospital as a psychiatric consultant to a high-intensity catastrophic illness population (traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and acute and chronic neurologic disease).  It was this experience especially that sparked his passionate interest in understanding more fully the dynamics behind physician stress and burnout and in establishing environments for individuals to achieve – and organizations to foster – optimal productivity and worklife health. 

Transitioning from full-time clinical practice, to, he began offering executive coaching, organizational consulting, workshop and retreat programs through "Work/Life Design.”

Avidly interested in the area of emotional intelligence, he developed a novel framework to guide people through their own psychological terrain.  He’s finalizing his book "MindSense - How to Dismantle Your Psychological Turmoil and Find Genuine Happiness” and has offered presentations and facilitated workshops to help people systematically do the psychological growth work we’re all called to do.

In 2009, concerned about the emerging PTSD (“post traumatic stress disorder”) crisis amongst returning service-members and eager to apply his “MindSense” model to this population, Dr. Manion undertook Department of Defense contract work as a civilian psychiatrist at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base at the Deployment Health Center, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune. His experiences there led him to conclude that there was an immense and immediate need for mental health and peer-based support services to be provided to active duty military outside of the base confines.

Now back in his cherished New England and living in beautiful Gloucester, MA, he is actively involved in community affairs.