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The 4 Quadrant Coaching Package



The 4 Quadrants of Successful Physician Career Transition coaching program is a very focused 5 session program designed to be completed over 10 weeks or less (preferably weekly) with homework exercises. It is geared to guide you through Dr. Manion's 4 Quadrant Framework of Career Re-design.

Session1) introduces the framework in detail and the exercises we’ll use to really explore each of the core dynamics which define your optimal career. 

Session 2) covers the current situation and getting a handle on specifically what's not working, where you are on the burnout <> wellbeing scale and understanding key areas that you're discovering are a source of dissatisfaction.

Session 3) provides you with the opportunity to clarify your original vision and see how it can be re-crafted. We explore your original vision, your achievements, your values and goals and examine an overview of personality style as it relates to your career. 

Session 4) explores the holdbacks - the practical considerations that must be accounted for as well as those elements I refer to as "self myth" - the things we tell ourselves as true but are necessarily valid. For example "I'm the only doc who can take care of these patients ...."

Session 5) With the landscape of your vision and goals and current situation laid out, we then examine some of the considerations you've been exploring and see how they each play out given what you now know about yourself. We end with a clear statement of what your next steps are and an invitation to follow-up for a free half-session to review progress.

Here's a direct link to purchase the 4 Quadrant Coaching Program. 

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